Acquisition Finance & Buy In/Out For Medical Professionals

Growth through Acquisition or Equity

The professional service sector is constantly evolving and organic growth or building a practice from the bottom up is really challenging. Growing numbers of existing practice owners, corporations and associates are seeking growth through acquisition or equity purchase. Vendors, shareholders and equity partners are increasingly looking for comfort by way of proof of financial means, before initial discussions can take place, so it’s even more important today that practices and individuals are proactive when it comes to funding and seeking out new opportunities.

Taking the next step

Acquiring a business or equity is a significant decision and with lots more planning and negotiations along the way we understand that sometimes it can be stressful, but the reward will be worth it and we will work with you to remove the pressures around funding. Our experience, products and solutions are designed to assist in any situation whether an acquisition, equity buy in/out or even a property purchase. And with direct access to a vast portfolio of specialist funding lines and highly skilled consultants, who know your industry, we work hard to ensure your plans materialise.

Unsecured Loans

An unsecured loan is a fast and flexible way to achieve funding in support of your plans. With lending terms from 3 months to 5 years and the ability for funding made available within a day, they are frequently used to support acquisitions and any ancillary costs, such as fees. Typically, the interest rates are not quite as favorable as secured loans but provide a fully unsecured funding route for practices and individuals, who see the benefit of being unsecured, right for them.

Secured Loans

When sizable funding is required to fund an acquisition, refurbishment or even the property purchase, a secured loan can provide the benefits of extended lending terms up to 25 years and lower interest rates. However, they’re not just suitable for long term lending, they’re also ideal for those situations that don’t qualify for unsecured lending as security can be taken against fixed assets held personally or within in the business as collateral.

Personal Loans

Similar to an unsecured loan and for individuals looking to raise funding for their first acquisition, or equity purchase or Buy Out. With terms from 12 months to 5 years and fast turnaround times, these are an ideal option for Associates or Partners.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tailored acquisition finance up to circa £5M
  • Terms up to 7 years available
  • Acquisition Finance allows you to acquire a new practice and pay over time
  • Supports the growth and expansion of your practice
  • Partner Equity Loans allow you to buy a sizeable stake (equity) in your practice and become a partner
  • Tailored specifically to your needs – you can choose to pay back faster if business is performing well

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