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Tax Liability Funding

Tax bills often put an unwelcome strain on practice or personal cash flow. Our tailored tax funding solutions enable you to spread the cost over the period of the liability, freeing up existing cash resources or equally enabling payment when sufficient capital is not available.

Whilst traditional bank financing methods are hard to obtain to cover future tax liabilities and overdrafts typically used for day to day cash flow, Shire Professional Funding has access to numerous credit lines providing loans and alternative overdrafts we’re in an ideal position to help you spread your Corporation or Self-Assessment tax liability.

  • Terms available from 6, 10, or 12 months
  • Multiple business owner Schedule D liabilities can be included in one loan facility for Partnerships and LLPs.
  • Funding made available typically within 48 hours and payable directly to you or the HMRC on your behalf.
  • External to banking lines, leaving your capital or overdraft headroom free for growth and unforeseen opportunities or events.
  • Fixed rate and repayments providing clarity on a monthly basis to ease budgeting.
  • In many cases facilities can be settled at any time with little or no penalties, providing control over your lending.
  • Ability to cover large liabilities through lending syndication via multiple credit lines.