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VAT Loans 

For businesses that meet the VAT registration threshold, on qualifying outputs, VAT will be chargeable at the standard rate on the services and goods you sell.  VAT funding is becoming increasingly popular amongst UK businesses as a method of improving cash flow and enhancing cash reserves.

VAT loans are an ideal solution to smooth cash flow as they provide the funding to pay quarterly VAT liabilities and enable you to spread the cost over three months via repayments. VAT funding helps practices to meet HMRC deadlines without any late payment charges and free up working capital for more productive revenue generating initiatives.

  • Funding available quickly, typically within one working day.
  • Payment made directly to the HMRC on your behalf or into your business bank account.
  • Unsecured agreement leaving personal or business assets free from charges.
  • Outside of banking lines, leaving banking facilities free for future growth.
  • Fixed rates and repayments making budgeting simple
  • Short Term facilities that can be used once or renewed quarterly to cover ongoing VAT